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5 Ways to Keep Sane as a Stay-at-Home Mom

As a stay-at-home mom, I am always on a journey of finding that balance. As I’ve said before, finding the balance is realizing that the balance isn’t always perfect. Sometimes the needs of others will outweigh your own and vice versa. However, recently things became more serious for me.Being a stay-at-home mom isn't for the faint of heart. We often take on more than we can truly handle, we don't admit when we need help and it can truly bring us to a frustrating place. Here are simple steps to take some time to regain ourselves and make our heart and family whole.

My Story

Sharing my story isn’t easy. It is tough to admit you can’t “do it all”. Especially for someone like me who is goal driven. However, I began realizing that things were getting in a bad place.

The largest thing is being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Daily chronic pain can truly mess with your mind. Added withΒ daily tasks of being a stay-at-home mom, a wife, a business owner and the other tasks of life. When you’re not taking time for yourself, it begins to eat at you.

That is something my doctor kept telling me over and over again. Medication is a temporary fix. Finding the things that keep me sane and going? That is what is going to make me whole again. Most of all, it is imperative to stop the vicious cycle I’ve been on. Lack of sleep brings pain, pain brings irritability, irritability brings frustration, frustration brings unhappiness in how I treat others, unhappiness brings depression and anxiety and depression and anxiety brings lack of sleep. As you can see, the circle just keeps turning. Β So how do we break this cycle? How to do we bring back a bit of ourselves, and be the best person we can be for our family and most of all, ourselves?

Realize this one thing, if anything from what I’m about to tell you. You deserve this. You deserve time to yourself. You are normal with every feeling you might have.Β And it is okay to say “enough”. In our moments of struggle, we can truly find the deepest of relief in taking small steps to help keep our sanity. We are the heart of the home and when our heart is whole, so is our home.Β 

5 Ways to Keep Sane as a Stay-at-Home Mom

  • Get Dressed Every Day – Take time every day to shower and get dressed. I’m not saying you have to be in heals and pearls. Although, if that makes you feel amazing, go for it! Makeup and fancy hair is optional. Still, getting up and getting dressed from head to toe can truly make you feel better and more on point.
  • Get Up Early – Hand in hand with getting dressed every day is getting up early. The few extra moments of sleep may feel more important, but I can guarantee you the few extra moments to yourself are far more. Yes, there will be days you might need the sleep. For the most part, get up and get that coffee, take in that reading, spend the time putting on the makeup, whatever makes you feel good. A moment without the kids coming at you is crucial to begin your day.
  • Get Outside – Wrap up the kiddos and get outside. Walking has been proven to clear your mind and open it to great ideas. If you’re feeling cooped up, it is time to leave the house for a bit. Even if it is just a walk around the block. Removing yourself from the four walls and into the outside world is important.
  • 2 Hours to Yourself Every Week – Schedule it now. Two hours a week to yourself. No kids, no spouse, no grocery shopping. You need at least a couple of hours every week to just you. Get a massage, go walk the mall, get a cup of coffee. I’m sure we all have tons of ideas of what we would do “if we just had a moment to ourselves“. Use this time for those things. Find a babysitter, have the husband to watch the kiddos, get out and be YOU!
  • Schedule and Take Notes – Schedules are important for our kids and ourselves. Knowing what is ahead in our days help us tackle things head on. Use your evenings to brain dump and plan for your next day. This also frees your mind to sleep. During the day, keep a notepad nearby. If you remember something you need to do, don’t leave what you’re doing right that second to start it. Jot it down and plan to do it later or even the next day, if you can. Focus is key. Goodness knows, I’ve many times started ten projects in a day as I remembered them, and ended up with a mess of nothing done by the end of the day.

Be blessed, Mom…

As Moms, we are the heart of the home. If we keep our heart whole, so will our home be.

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  • Corina Ramos

    Hi Krystal,

    We must all have the same thing in mind…how to keep sane as a mom, hehe. We wrote about missing the outside world yesterday :). I’m not a SAHM but I do work from home and these tips are helpful!

    I do make it a point to get dressed to start my day and I have a schedule and routine down. The one thing I need to work on is taking time for myself and getting outside…okay and get up early too ;).

    I’m sharing these tips! Have a great day and weekend!

    • [email protected]

      I noticed that, Cori. I had the chuckle. It is the biggest thing I believe on our minds being at home. WAHM or SAHM. Thanks so much for sharing and don’t worry. I need to head my own advice sometimes. πŸ˜‰