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7 Quick Cleaning Tips

The 7 quick cleaning tips will help keep your sanity and home clutter free. Easily speed-clean your home in minutes. As parents, I know cleaning the house easily takes a back burner the stress of the day. However, it doesn’t have to be a chore to clean your home fast. 7 quick cleaning tips to help spead-clean your home. Clean your house fast with easy ways to keep your sanity and home clear of clutter.

7 Quick Cleaning Tips

  1. Hang up any coats, sweaters, hats, etc. that are laying around the hallway or on chairs. The entry way/hallway are the first places people see when entering the home and keeping them clear really helps spruce the place up.
  2. Make your bed in the mornings. Make a routine of it. Get dressed, make the bed. It makes a room look great.
  3. Tidy as you go in rooms. When cooking, clean up when you’re finished cooking or as you cook. A good wipe down of the kitchen counters always makes things look spic and span.
  4. Load the dishwasher right away after eating. In turn, unload the washer as soon as it is done. Or unload in the mornings, if you run the wash overnight.
  5. Keep the sink clear of dishes. Give it a good rub down and rinse. A sparkling sink makes any kitchen look clean.
  6. Keep cleaners in each bathroom. This way you or another family member can do a quick swipe down after use in the mornings (or evenings).
  7. Put dirty clothes right into the hamper. A clear floor really makes a room shine.

If laundry has you down in the dumps, be sure to read my Improve How You Do Your Laundry post. A better laundry routine will really clean your house fast. I feel like we spend so much time on laundry these days.

Deep cleaning is something that can wait, but a quick tidy up and speed-cleaning your home can improve the environment. Once you’re ready to deep clean, I have a Spring Cleaning Checklist FREE Printable for you. Even with this free spring cleaning printable, I try to keep things simple.

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  • Rebecca

    Very nice tips! I am always so lazy in the evenings for this after work and all the cooking, but I will definitely try to do because the cleaning just gets worse on the next day. Thanks for the post!

    • Krystal

      Completely understand that. It can seem really grueling after a long day. Just take one step at a time. Even just a quick 10 minute spruce-up will do wonders. 🙂 Best wishes!

  • Melissa Kite

    Keeping sanity and home neat and clean is very important but sometimes we could not do that because of our laziness or lacking proper technique. I like your tips. It could be helpful. Kitchen cleaning is the toughest task. After cooking I become very tired and cannot clean the kitchen. That why I use non-cookware. Your tips are very helpful, thanks for sharing!