Easily Transition to Chemical Free House Cleaning Products

Our family focuses on using the best chemical free house cleaning products we possibly can. I find that this is the base of starting to live a chemical free lifestyle. You can easily transition to natural cleaning products by simply looking around at the items you use on a daily basis. Dryer sheets, cleaning sprays, wipes. These are items you can easily replace with green cleaning products.

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Easily transition to chemical free house cleaning products with these tips. A chemical free lifestyle really begins here.

Easily Transition to Chemical Free House Cleaning Products

Dryer Sheets

Did you know that dryer sheets are some of the worst items in a home that have chemicals? I didn’t either. If you think about it though, you’re adding heat to release chemicals into the air. It makes sense.

I replaced our dryer sheets with wool dryer balls. I always add a couple of drops of my favorite essential oil. This gives my family’s clothes the same great scent without the harsh chemical. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my son’s skin issues. I didn’t realize something so simple could affect him so much.

Dish Washing Detergent

I love using Thieves House Hold Cleaner as my dish washing detergent. I throw a cap in at the bottom of my washer and use the soap dispenser to fill it halfway with baking soda. I run my dishwasher as normal, and I swear it cleans better than any other detergent I’ve ever used. Streak free glasses for the win!

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Cleaning Sprays

This one was the first changes in our home for a more chemical free cleaning routine. I realized that the aerosol spray of chemicals could not be a good thing for my family. I switched us to Thieves Household Cleaner from Young Living. My all time favorite of chemical free house cleaning products.

Now before you tell me that Thieves is so much more expensive than regular cleaners, I have to tell that isn’t the case at all. If anything, I’ve found it to be less expensive. Reason being that you only use a small ratio to water in a spray bottle when mixing the cleaner. I can purchase a 14.4 fl oz  bottle (for $22 before tax and shipping) of Thieves Household Cleaner and use it for over a month. This is using it in my dishwasher, on my windows, on my counters consistently. That goes a long way if you think about purchasing dish washing soap, window cleaning, counter cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner every month. I use it on everything. Literally.

More you can do with Thieves:

Why I started selling essential oils was more than just extra income. It is lifestyle change. More about selling essential oils benefits.

Air Purifier

I actually feel naked during the day if I don’t set my diffusers. There are two oils I enjoy for air purification. Have nasty burnt popcorn smell or stale air? These really work.

The two I enjoy most are Purification and Thieves. Purification has a pleasant scent that is sweet and uplifting. Thieves is a more earthy tone that is spicy. Both clear up the air in no time.

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Easily transition to chemical free house cleaning products with these tips. A chemical free lifestyle really begins here. Easily transition to chemical free house cleaning products with these tips. A chemical free lifestyle really begins here.


I am a huge fan of WaterWipes. They are chemical free and scent free. They work well on cleaning up messy faces and even spots on the couch. We’ve used them around the house now for a couple of years. Great for makeup remover, spot cleaning and more.

Clean Up Holiday Messes Chemical Free with WaterWipes. See why we choose these for everything from diaper changes to sticky fingers. Great for a baby shower gift!

These are just a few things you can replace in your home, right now, to easily transition to chemical free house cleaning products. Like I said before, this really is the base to start living chemical free. I also think it is one of the most important transitions. We live everyday in our homes. Why not ensure we are living in the best environment we can? It is very simple to start switching out these items one by one. It doesn’t have to be all at once. Every step is better than where you were before.

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