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Minnie Mouse Dum Dum Tree DIY

Our daughter’s first birthday party was a Minnie Mouse themed birthday, so we completed the decor with a Minnie Mouse Dum Dum Tree . A fun Minnie Mouse centerpiece that has become one of my most popular pins on Pinterest.

For a Minnie Mouse birthday party, check out this Minnie Mouse Dum Dum Tree DIY. A fun what to create a Minnie Mouse Centerpiece.

This Minnie Mouse Dum Dum Tree DIY will make it easy for you to replicate the same idea. It certainly is something that takes some time to make, but it is worth it. It takes some patience and A LOT of Dum Dums (more than you think). It’s a great conversation starter at the party and fun to eat. Here’s how to make a dum dum Minnie Mouse Centerpiece for a birthday party!

Minnie Mouse Dum Dum Tree

What You Need:

Easily snag some of the above needed items for the Minnie Mouse Dum Dum Tree by clicking below. I honestly swear by Aleenes Original Tacky Glue. It has been a favorite in my crafting box for many years and many uses. 

The items below might be found at your local craft store, but I’ve found the Styrofoam balls are not always easily found. Especially when they are out of season for floral arrangements. I have made it easy to find with these links below from Amazon. With Prime Membership, you’ll have these items in no time.

Floracraft Styrofoam Ball, 5-Inch, White, 1-PackFloracraft Styrofoam Ball, 5-Inch, White, 1-Pack12 inch (30 cm) Smooth Foam Ball for Crafts, School and Modeling Projects12 inch (30 cm) Smooth Foam Ball for Crafts, School and Modeling ProjectsWoodsies Dowels 12Woodsies Dowels 12″-3/16″ 20/PkgAleenes Original Tacky Glue, 16-OunceAleenes Original Tacky Glue, 16-OunceDum.dums Original PopsDum.dums Original Pops5 - 4.255 – 4.25″ Clay Pots – Great for Plants and Crafts


Minnie Mouse Dum Dum Tutorial

  • Begin by securing the two 5in styrofoam balls to the 10in. Do this by inserting a dowel (or two) into the “ears” and instering them into the 10in styrofoam ball.  You may want to use Super Glue to secure these.
  • Begin inserting the Dum-Dums around the 10in ball. It will get very heavy so start here! 
  • Finish off by inserting Dum-Dums into the “ears”. You may need to cut some of the Dum-Dum sticks in half so they don’t push out the other side of Dum-Dums.
  • Turn the clay pot upside down and decorate/embellish as you wish.
  • Insert 3 dowels in a group on the under side of the 10in styrofoam ball and secure the entire centerpiece into the ceramic pot by turning it upside down and securing it on the bottom hole.
  • Embellish the “ears” with a cute bow.

Want more party planning?
Check Out More of this Minnie Mouse Birthday Party!

 Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Centerpiece. Great for a Minnie Mouse birthday or Minnie Mouse centerpieces baby shower. A craft that might take time, but the outcome is worth it for a great party idea.


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