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Better Organize Disney World Vacations

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When beginning to plan a Walt Disney World vacation, the emails, the mailings…all of those things can get overwhelming. I’m a little bit obsessive in ensuring I have all of the information at my fingertips to ensure we aren’t missing anything about or for the trip. Better organize Disney World vacations with these tips.

Organize Disney World Vacations with these tips to keep it all together before you head out on your Disney World trip. Disney World trip tips.

Better Organize Disney World Vacations


Take Advantage of My Disney Experience App

This fairly new feature Disney has provided is a wonderful tool.  A sure fire way to better organize Disney World vacations. The My Disney Experience app downloads onto your phone. It let’s you keep things organized virtually. I used to be big on the folder full of reservations numbers, dining confirmations, etc.

10 Reasons Why Memory Maker at Disney is Priceless for Parents. Memory Maker is an investment in your Disney vacation for memories to last. Number 6 and 10 are my favorites.

Now, I have it all right at my finger tips! Plus, I can easily change and make dining reservations right from the app. You can even make reminder notes for yourself. “Hurrah” for upgrading to no more paperwork in my luggage! A great feature when planning a first trip to Disney World too.

Do You Have a List?

My biggest thing is creating lists. I even created a Simple Packing List for Walt Disney World to share. Keeping lists of everything you will need each day ensures you don’t forget anything. While Disney World does have gift shops to purchase things like sunscreen and toothbrushes, these items are more expensive at these shops.

What Are We Doing There?

I do enjoy “going with the flow” at Disney World, however; I will keep a loose itinerary before we leave. This way we can plan to be in certain parks for dining reservations. Especially if we don’t have a Park Hopper plan. Organize Disney World Vacations with these tips to keep it all together before you head out on your Disney World trip. Disney World trip tips.

I’ve seen plenty of people color code itineraries and laminate down to the second at Disney. While I don’t recommend going that far, a little bit of planning can go a long way. I find sometimes if you do over plan, the trip goes by all too quickly.

Let Someone Else Find the Deals

Authorized Disney Vacation Planners are fantastic. They do everything in their power to find you the best deals, and keep finding you the best deals even after booking. I recommend checking out Get Away Today Vacations to lock in your vacation for only $125 down (prices subject to change)!

Disney Shopping

If you haven’t checked out the Shop Disney Parks app, you should. You can shop virtually anywhere in and outside of the Disney Parks. You can even scan the bar code of items in the park and purchase them on the app to be sent to your resort hotel or ship them home. You can also search for any items on the app to ship home or to resort hotel as well. Such an awesome piece of magic!

Disney Dining Plans

180 days in advanced is the most recent magic number to booking your Walt Disney World dining. Things go QUICK! I may sound nuts, but staying up until midnight to your 180 day mark might be an option if you’re dying to eat somewhere. Been there! Let me clarify that this is more of a joke. I’ve spent all-nighters trying to book Be Our Guest when the lunch reservations first came out. It worked, but not a sure fire way to get anything. Simply the rumor mill of Disney communities.

Organize Disney World Vacations with these tips to keep it all together before you head out on your Disney World trip. Disney World trip tips.

 In all seriousness though, you can call 407-WDW-DINE (3463) to book your dining reservations starting at 7am ET on the 180 day mark. Booking online (6am ET opening) is another option or using My Disney Experience app when you’re pulling the all-nighter on the West Coast.


Need a stroller while in the Park? Disney has that covered too. Click here for more info on their stroller rentals and even their featured providers! We ended up renting an extra stroller our last day there. We brought an umbrella stroller for our toddler, but our preschooler needed the break by the end.

Better organize Disney World vacations with these few tips for a more relaxed vacation. The My Disney Experience app, Disney World packing list are really going to make things easier. Be sure to check the links below for more planning tips to Disney World!

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