Diaper Cake Motorcycle Instructions

A fun twist to the diaper cake. Perfect for a baby boy or baby girl on the expecting mom's baby shower day!

If you need an idea to create a diaper cake present for an upcoming baby shower, this Monkey Motorcycle Diaper Cake is sure to bring the fun. Use your imagination to add any theme you want. This 4-wheeler diaper cake is anything but the standard diaper cake, yet it is so[Read more]

Minnie Mouse Centerpiece for Birthday Party

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Centerpiece. Great for a Minnie Mouse birthday or Minnie Mouse centerpieces baby shower. A craft that might take time, but the outcome is worth it for a great party idea.

Our daughter’s first birthday party was “Minnie Mouse” themed, so we completed the decor with a Minnie Mouse Centerpiece for Birthday Party. This would also make great Minnie Mouse centerpieces for a baby shower. The biggest item that got attention was the centerpiece created to look like Minnie Mouse ears out of[Read more]

How to Photograph Your Toddler Stress Free

Photographing toddlers doesn't have to feel like a task. Here are tips to help your camera skills shine while ensuring families and kids are comfortable and happy.

How to photograph your toddler stress free can be done in a few simple steps. As we all know, our little-ones can certainly make any photo look like “The Flash” just ran across our lens. Bye-bye to those adorable boutique shots, right? Nope! Here are some of my favorite ways of[Read more]

Minnie Mouse First Birthday Party Ideas

A Minnie Mouse First Birthday Party theme is perfect for your baby girl or baby boy. Fun for the Minnie Mouse loving family who loves to plan a party Disney style! Check out these party planning ideas.

On my daughter’s first birthday, we celebrated with a Minnie Mouse First Birthday Party.  Mickey and Minnie Mouse are a favorite in our home, so we decided to have a Minnie Mouse themed party with a bit of the modern zebra striped twist. It turned out wonderfully thanks to the[Read more]