Why Are We Choosing to Homeschool?

Deep breath. This hasn’t been an easy decision. It is something that my husband and I have been talking about since before our daughter began Preschool this year. We enrolled her in a private Preschool that we have adored. Her teacher has been amazing. So why are we choosing to homeschool?

Why are we choosing to homeschool? If you are making this important decision toward your child's education, here are a few reasons to inspire. Choosing to homeschool is a big decision. These reasons to homeschool might help think of why you want to make the same decision.

There are several reasons we came to this decision. Like I mentioned above, it wasn’t a “fly by night” choice. My husband I discussed class sizes, socializing, my time management, etc. We researched our local district and spoke to teachers we know. We also consulted friends who homeschool. In the end, it was a very obvious decision.

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Why Are We Choosing to Homeschool?

Class Size

This was the first thing that I worried about. When we drove past one of the elementary schools in our district the reader board read, “Now proudly serving 652 students”. That might not seem like a lot, but think about how there is about 4-5 grades in elementary school. Even if there are multiple classrooms per grade, that’s a lot of students. I graduated with over 400 students in my class in the same district.

With 20-30 children in one classroom, I am concerned about just how much one-on-one time my daughter will receive. No, I do not expect her to get the entire attention of her teacher, however; I would love for her teacher to get to know her and my daughter to get to know her teacher. I know many teachers strive for this, but I worry if it is hit or miss. Plus, I’ll say it. Our daughter is very attention oriented. She tends to “bounce around” a lot. As most kids do. I have a feeling her strong personality might come off as negative. I want her to be able to learn toย harness this energy for good. Not be disciplined as the “trouble maker” for it.

She’s Left Handed

This might sound silly, but I am also concerned about our daughter being left handed. This is a piece of what makes her, her. I also understand that she will need more time to learn how to write properly with her gift. I want to be able to give that time to her.

Outdoor Learning

We are now homesteaders. We have a garden, chickens and building our homestead day by day. I firmly believe kids should be allowed to learn outside. I, as an adult, like to work outside in the sun. Why wouldn’t they? There is so much we can teach in our home garden. How plants grow, having patience, weather and more science than I can think of as I write this. Plus, she gets outside to explore rather than sit behind a desk. Which, let’s face it, she probably wouldn’t do right now anyway.

I’m also interested in enrolling her in 4-H. I know her love of animals will play a big part in her learning. I think these options for kids are amazing.

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Understanding Her Learning Style

I like the idea of getting to know her learning style and using that to our advantage. Instead of boxing her in, I want to learn with her how she understands things. Is she visual? Does she learn better using music? Those kind of things. I’d like to then use that knowledge to teach her the best way she learns.

Our Schedule

This might be the more ‘selfish’ part of our decision. Being a full-time blogger and homesteader, our schedule is a little different from most. My husband also works different hours than the general population. It makes sense to work homeschool into what works for us. Plus, I’m excited to have more time to go to the library events, the zoo without a crowd, the children’s museum and the wonderful county activities for kids. I feel like my daughter will socialize well in these areas.

These are just a few of the main reasons why we are shooting toย homechool. Mostly, our education style that we’d like to instill. My thoughts on our decision are examples of what is working for us. These aren’t meant to say homeschool or main stream is right or wrong for everyone.

I just know I had anxiety over making the decision. I knew, in my heart, that homeschooling was going to be the right answer. I just needed to ensure I was making the right decision for our daughter and for us. I hope some of the reasons that led to ourย final decision might help you if you’re thinking about homeschooling.

Take a step back and think of all of the positives before the negatives. That really helped us decide. There will always be the questions, however; I like to focus on the positives that will help my daughter truly flourish.

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